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Cupples J&J Company Robotic and Conventional Welding

Robotic Welding Capabilities

      19 ea Panasonic Robotic welding cells with up to 8 axis capability - 350 AMP and 500 AMP CV and Pulse MIG with up to 92" Rotary Tables or up to 120" long rotary with 66" swing diameter at 5,500 lbs

 or 108" long with 66" swing diameter at 10,000 lbs.


            PerformArc 52       Robotic Welding   


Conventional Welding Capabilities

1 ea - G.E. Schmidt Press Type Spot Welder with 120 KVA power

1 ea  - Rocker Arm - 30 KVA Spot Welders

8 ea  - Miller Production Mig Welding Systems - 3 ea pulse and 5 ea CV up

 to 350 AMP

16 ea - TIG Welding Systems up to 500 AMP

2 ea - Reiner Rotary Welding Stations for Automatic Rotary Mig Welding  

8 ea - Stick Welding Systems

Production Welding      Proline


  Examples of Robotic and Manually Welded Parts;




The Welding Division is also supported by Laser Cutting, CNC Punching, CNC Forming , Machine shop , Screw Machine and General Sheet Metal Fabrication Divisions. Cupples' J&J could fabricate single parts up to full full machines.


Laser, Waterjet  and Plasma Cutting

CNC Punching and Short Run Stampings

Rolling and Forming

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mig,Tig,  Stick, Spot, Projection and Robotic  Welding

CNC and Conventional Machine Shop 

Screw Machine and Production CNC Machining and Turning

Design and Build Special Machines

Millwright, Electrical, Moving and Rigging and Plant Maintenance  Services

Excess Prime Steel