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Cupples' J&J - CNC Punching and Short Run Stamping

    Cupples' J&J Company provides CNC Punching (Turret Press) and Stamping services.

    Cupples' J&J Company provides these services with the most state of the art equipment.


       1 EA Trumpf TC2020R CNC Punch

       1 EA - Trumpf TC2000R CNC Punches

    CNC Punching - All Tools Rotate 360 Degrees at 180 RPM      

The capabilities are as follows;

bulletUp to 50" X 100" Travel ( 120"  Plus with Repositioning )
bulletAll Tools are indexable to .01 degree at 180 rpm - bi-rotational
bulletHits/Minute up to 420 ea on 1 inch moves
bulletUp to 1/4" Punching Thickness for mild steel
bullet3 Second tool change with up to 4300 IPM Positioning speed
bulletHydraulic Forming up to 1/2"
bulletBall or Brush Tables
bulletCutting of formed parts up to 2" tall
bulletTapping from #6-32 UP TO 5/16"-18 with thread forming taps ( 2.8 seconds per hole )
bulletHigh Speed Beading and Marking up to 2800 Hits Per Minute

    Stamping Presses;

        1 EA - Accurpress - 400 Ton CNC Hydraulic Open Side Gap Frame Press with 24" x 96" ram and 30" x 96" die plate.  Equipped with Accurpress ETS 3000 3 axis cnc brake press control with 4 each additional length fingers

        1 EA Komatsu  - 250OBW 275 Ton Open Side Gap Frame Double Crank Stamping Press 20 to 40 strokes/min

        1 EA Rouselle - 95 Ton Stamping Press with coil feed running at 55 strokes per minute with 12" wide x 12" long max feed

        1 EA Rouselle - 70 Ton Stamping Press running at 100 strokes/min





Brackets ( flat or formed ) with tapped holes


Flat plates 








Heat Shields


Misc. Sheet Metal Assemblies 


Machined style parts up to 1" thick


Welded Assemblies


CNC Punching and Stamping is also supported by Laser Cutting , CNC Forming , Robotic Welding , Machine shop , Screw Machine and General Sheet Metal Fabrication Divisions. Cupples' J&J could fabricate single parts up to entire assemblies.

Laser, Waterjet  and Plasma Cutting

CNC Punching and Short Run Stampings

Rolling and Forming

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mig,Tig,  Stick, Spot, Projection and Robotic  Welding

CNC and Conventional Machine Shop 

Screw Machine and Production CNC Machining and Turning

Design and Build Special Machines

Millwright, Electrical, Moving and Rigging and Plant Maintenance  Services

Excess Prime Steel