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Cupples' J&J CNC and Conventional Machine Shop

Cupples' J&J Company offers Conventional Machining and CNC Machine Shop services.


bulletSpare Parts for Manufacturing Equipment
bulletMachine Repairs
bulletTools, Dies and Fixtures
bulletComplete Special Machines
bulletContract Manufacturing
bulletComplete Special Machine Fabrication 

 Design and Fabrication of Special Machines    Parts made by Machining, Turning or Wire EDM    


Machine Shop Capabilities;

bulletVertical CNC Machining with travels up to X=122"; Y=67" ; Z=54"; up to 4 Axis with and without pallet shuttles, 40Taper and 50 Taper
bulletHorizontal CNC Machining with Travels of 39.37" x 32.6" x 28.9" with full 4 axis 360,000 position rotary 4th axis. Reinshaw Probe Technology for automatic measuring and part orientation . Machines have up to 25" square pallets and a 6 second pallet change. Spindles is 12,000 rpm Big Plus CAT 50
bulletCNC Horizontal Boring Mills with x=78.7"; y=70.8"; z=65.0"; W=21.6"; 360,000 Position Full Contouring Rotary 4th Axis
bulletCNC Flat Bed Turning up to 26" swing X 160.00" turning 
bulletCNC Slant Bed Turning up to 34.4" swing x 62.0 turning
bulletHybrid Swiss Machining with up to 7 Axis Including Live Tools  
bulletCNC Turning up to 8 axis with Sub-spindles and 1,000 PSI thru the tool coolant with up to 3.00" bar feed capacity, 2 turrets and Y axis milling
bulletVTL up to 51.2" swing diameter, 43.3" turning diameter, 36.4" turning height, 12 station turret 60/50HP with 40" diameter chuck
bulletWire EDM up to x=21.62" ; y=13.77" ; z=15.75" with 30 degrees at 15.75"
bulletConversational TRAK VMC's
bulletConversational TRAK Turning Center 
bullet4" Spindle Conventional Horizontal Boring Mill 
bulletConventional  Turning up to 42" and up to 16' long 
bulletConventional Knee Mills for Maintenance Machining 
bulletCenterless, Surface and Blanchard Grinding 
bulletVibratory Stress Relieving 
bulletComplete Special Machine Fabrication 

Cupples' J&J Equipment for Machining can be seen below.;







Laser, Waterjet  and Plasma Cutting

CNC Punching and Short Run Stampings

Rolling and Forming

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mig,Tig,  Stick, Spot, Projection and Robotic  Welding

CNC and Conventional Machine Shop 

Screw Machine and Production CNC Machining and Turning

Design and Build Special Machines

Millwright, Electrical, Moving and Rigging and Plant Maintenance  Services

Excess Prime Steel